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What to Expect
Why the name "The Back Room"?

To quote Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, "look well to the spine for the cause of disease". The spine consists of bony vertebrae encasing the delicate spinal cord. Where is the spine located? It is located on the dorsal (or BACK) surface of the body.
​Our mission here at The Back Room is to help our patient base on their journey to achieve and maintain optimal health.  Where does that journey begin?  It begins in a ROOM on an adjusting table.
Your Initial Visit 

At this visit, you can expect to:
  • ​Turn in your paperwork - we'll review it and ask questions if we need more information
  • Meet with Dr. Ford for a consultation
  • Discuss your problems and any concerns
  • Receive a thorough chiropractic evaluation
  • Physical examination
  • Orthopedic test
  • Range of motion tests
  • X-rays, if required​

We’ll then schedule a follow-up appointment. This gives us enough time to study your test results and complete your insurance review, but makes it a priority to begin your care quickly.
Your Follow-Up Visit 

At your follow-up visit, you can expect:
  • A consultation with Dr. Ford 
  • Learn the results of your evaluation
  • Hear an explanation of the cause of your problem
  • Discuss the way forward
  • Review your care plan, based on your health goals
  • Receive an adjustment
Your Routine Visit 

​Your care plan will describe the recommended visits in order to address your health goals effectively. Each visit should take approximately 20-30 minutes or less.

As you see results in your care plan, Dr. Ford will discuss the benefit of continuing into wellness care.

Call (228) 331-2035 with questions or to schedule an appointment.
The Back Room
Chiropractic Health Management
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